About Us

Gary Draper has been at the forefront of trust development for over thirty years and was one of the first recruits to the off-shore financial services industry in the summer of 1985. With vast experience of bespoke financial investment and tax planning, Gary has worked at a senior level with both Eagle Star and Zurich International Life.

While developing Corresponding Acceptance Schemes in the mid 1990s, Gary uncovered the extraordinary combination of benefits that a s615(6) scheme affords eligible employees.

Having recognised the opportunities for a wider audience, Gary established s615(6) Limited and, more recently, Lakeside House Trustees Limited; he is currently the only professional provider of packaged s615(6) solutions.

In addition to offering s615(6) tax-efficient solutions for the internationally mobile community, Lakesdie House Trustees Limited offers a range of third country Trusts to suit the varying needs of the expatriate and international investor.

Gary Draper is currently the only professional provider of packaged Section615 solutions in the world.