The 2017 Finance Act has indicated that no new s615(6) schemes may be established after 05/04/17. In certain circumstances it may be possible to continue contributions and to enjoy specific benefits after that date. For more information, please visit Any enquiries regarding future s615(6) scheme contributions should be addressed to

There will be no changes to the attractive taxation advantages attaching to these schemes in respect of any contributions paid on or prior to 05/04/17. This allows existing s615(6) schemes to continue to enjoy the wide range of applications they currently do.

The Section 615(6) International Retirement Benefit Scheme

A Section 615(6) Benefit Scheme previously allowed United Kingdom Limited Companies to establish bona fide retirement benefit packages for employees who had duties outside the United Kingdom. This Pension Scheme satisfies the criteria considered by HMRC Pension Scheme Services to meet the requirements of section 615(6) of Income & Corporation Taxes Act 1988 ("ICTA88"). 


Acceptance by HMRC
Each scheme is governed by a Deed and Rules acceptable to HMRC, ensuring that the benefits will not be subject to challenge. This grants full pension scheme status to a section 615 Benefit Scheme, which is recognised internationally as a genuine pension arrangement.

Deductible as an Expense
Because of its accepted status, contributions to a section 615 Benefit Scheme were allowable against Corporation Tax in the United Kingdom and expected to be deductible as an expense incurred in pursuit of trade in most other countries.

Extensive Range of Investments
The section 615 Benefit Scheme affords a wide range of underlying investments, policies of assurance, direct equity holdings, fixed interest securities, collective investment schemes, money funds, property and cash deposits.