Greater incidence of cross-border employment has caused an increasing number of individuals to face problems in funding for their future. Overseas appointments are not always compensated by higher remuneration packages, contracts are usually short term and, as a result, often no thought is given by employers to the provision of employee benefits, including pension funding. Overseas appointments often result in exposure to a significantly higher combination of tax and social security charges, especially within the European Union.

Now expatriates have a unique opportunity to continue funding for their future by making tax-deductible contributions to a gross fund. The Oasis Trust is the first such vehicle to offer this combination of advantages.

There are two categories of people who can benefit from an Oasis Trust.

1. Any employee of a Limited Company whose duties are conducted wholly outside the UK.
2. Self employed or contracting expatriates, of any nationality, who are working in any country outside the United Kingdom.

For those who do not currently have an employment relationship in place, s615(6) Limited can assist in forming and administering a special purpose company or alternatively, we can provide an umbrella employment company. For further details, please contact s615(6) Limited.

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